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 So this question is for J&A, but if they're too busy answering my question to answer my question, it can be a Cam question instead.

Now that we're long out of the Land of Glorious Hype and wandering through the Land of Production...is HJ still set for a release sometime in September? Or is it likely to be pushed back?

I'm just wondering how to monitor my level of excitement.
Jacob from John's Scion Resources
Hey hey!
The land of production needs a better adjective cause the land of hype gets to be glorious.  The land of production is a salty and creul mistress though.  Our perfectionist streak does make some things that could be done quicker....not.

We were waiting to let everyone know til we had a firmer date for when we "would" be ready, but since you asked, you deserve an answer.  Things are running a bit behind.  We've had a couple setbacks/time adders that I'll list below

1. Our biggest set back is that we didnt realize how much of a full time job running the kickstarter would be.  Between that, and advertising and working on promotional stuff/going around to other forums and stuff like that, we really lost that month.  
2. Fire and Fortune are adding sometime.  Fire is more beastly to plan and get everything in it that we want.
3. Disagreements with art and graphic design team has caused some extra time.  They're often in the right, but sometimes that makes us have to rework stuff and sort of come up with creative ways to make things work.  They're great at it and awesome for dealing with us, but sometimes we arent the most clear with things and that has caused some set backs.
4. Twice we've decided we hated something we did.  Usually its because although it "works" it doesnt work well enough and doesnt really fulfill our promise of hero's journey doing all the things we want it to do.  Scrapping an entire piece of the puzzle takes some fidgetting and fixing.
5. Normal sickness and overwork at our normal jobs.  But thats just an excuse and something we planned for(although anne's stupid tendonitis flairing up is the worst).

All those things add up, but we're actually not as far behind as all those things would make it seem.  Again we arent comfortable giving a firm date, and we are definitely running late, but everyone should still expect the game to be at their doorstep in the autumn(well...everyone in america, I cant control how slow overseas shipping is).  

It is of course on us for misjudging time constraints and stuff, and for that we are very sorry.  
But we also are confident that we arent extremely behind and that the extra time we're taking is necessary to make the best game possible.
 Works for me! I'll leave Anne to come up with an adjective for the Land of X Production because she's good at that.

Good luck both of you with the trials ahead. There's no shame in dropping something you're unhappy with - it saves time and money on later errata.
Jacob from John's Scion Resources
The Land of Earnest Production, where work grows on trees and the streets are paved with revisions.
And the tumbleweeds look like d10s...
Just keep in mind: once you've put something in the "complete" pile, don't move it out! It's a trap! Image
So...would it be too pushy to ask a rough estimate of when the game will be released? We've received lots of updates for the past month on the game 'being functionally done' but we were also promised at least a 2014 release date...and there are three and a half days left in 2014...

How far into the New Year should we expect to wait?

(y'all know my change of address thing)
Jacob from John's Scion Resources
I must admit, this question interest me as well. In fact, I'm refraining myself to ask it since the wintry afternoon post on the blog. Image
If you don't understand what I'm saying, I'm sorry. English is not my native language.
You have all been awesomely patient, and yes the game itself has been functionally done for the past month. The layout and final graphic design components do take time. The best we are able to do right now is to keep updating you as milestones are reached. But I know we all want a date to pin everything on. I am planning to meet with John and Anne tomorrow. If we get to any dates or timeframes then I will post that information as soon as possible.

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