Is it late enough in the game that we can get some examples of the Domains/Spheres and how they'd work in a game of Hero's Journey?

Hi, I'm Carl, and I backed the kickstarter. I'm curious as to what's going on with the game. I'm also hoping I could use it to be a God/dess of Modern Stuff, which the Scion RPG did not allow for. Unfortunately, I never got to playtest the game itself, so I'm not sure what to expect.
Hi Carl Smile

You might find this post from the blog useful to understand the current Domain/Sphere situation:

As for Gods of Modern things, I would wager that the powers for those wouldn't be in the Domains...they'd be in the Streetwise Talent for the Trickster Aspect.
Nice, and thank you!

Would like to see where the Sphere of Fortune winds up.

What I was saying is that it seemed like the domains/Spheres were broad enough in application that the God/dess in question could use them with more modern inventions and concepts as well as traditionally. Seems like the answer is yes, and that's a good thing. Smile

Might have to go the streetwise route, but that doesn't seem too limiting.

It's just that, without a playtest copy to work from, I'm not sure what character concepts would work or not, and I'm trying to get a handle on this game. I've heard about the Aspects, and they sound pretty awesome, but not too much about the Domains and Spheres.
I don't have a playtest copy either...all my observations are just that, observations Smile

From what I can understand, what you're calling Modern Stuff might actually mean two things...modern day technology and devices, and using, say, the Thunder Sphere to become God of Electricity.

For the first thing, you're pretty much stuck with Aspects...there's unlikely to ever be a Technology Sphere, since Technology is pretty much exclusively a Human thing, and the Domains and Spheres (excluding the Devotionals which are their own ball of wax) are pretty much exclusively Inhuman powers...the human side of Divine Powers are in the Aspects and Talents. And based on that, any budding God of technology would probably be best served by Trickster (Streetwise) Creator (Art and Vision) and possibly Sage (Knowledge). You might want to check out Issac Green in this post:

If, on the other hand, you were hoping that the Thunder Sphere would let you control the electromagnetic spectrum...that, seems a lot less likely. You could still invent and create, say, a magnetism controlling glove, but that would be a function of your Aspects again.

To put it simply, if you want mythically Inhuman powers, the Sun, the Waves, the Power of Death itself, you go to the Domains...if you want to be God of human inventions and discoveries, you invest in the Aspects.

Proper disclaimer...all this is pure speculation at this point, I just happen to spend a lot of my time speculating about HJ Smile so take all of it with a grain of salt...but I think that general rule will serve you ok in your character storming sessions Smile

Hope that helped a bit.
Hmm, well it at least gives me an option to be modern, so I can appreciate that. That might be something to explore further in a sourcebook. Just saying...

I did like that superhero drift you linked to. Just a question: In the Devotional Domain, what does Divinity do, and why don't the characters there have other things like Ritual or Theology? Just trying to get a handle on what that does.
The reason none of those characters have anything other than Divinity is because that post is old, and at the time it was written Divinity was going to be the only Devotional Sphere in the core, with Ritual and Theology following up in supplements...that has since changed, and all three are in the core book, so the latest Kickstarter NPCs have more than just Divinity on their sheets.

As for what those three things do, Divinity deals with actually making your character more divine in keeping with the Pantheon they were chosen from, Ritual deals with performing the sacred rites and ceremonies of that Pantheon, and Theology deals with tapping into and using the vast cosmic forces that each Pantheon believes are central to the functioning of the universe.

To take the Hindu Devotional as an example, since it's the mythology I'm most familiar with, and again this is pure speculation on my part based on nothing more than reading the names of those powers on the blog, Divinity deals with the concept of deity manifestation...the power of the Hindu Gods to manifest part of themselves as Avatara incarnations and exist as multiple Gods at the same time. It also includes a few one offs like Vahana mounts that aren't strictly connected to that concept but are nonetheless things only Gods in Hinduism do, so with every power you pick up in Hindu Divinity, you become more divine the way Hindu Gods express their divinity.

Hindu Ritual, on the other hand, has powers such as Puja, the everyday act of worshiping the Gods, Tapas, the practice of single minded meditation on the Divine, and Yajna, the sacred fire sacrifice of Hinduism...all of which, as you can see, are practices, things that people DO to interact with and honour the Divine...the Gods of Hinduism sometimes practice these rituals too, but by and large Ritual deals with the most human side of Devotion, the rites by which devotees become closer to the divine.

Hindu Theology, finally, deals with the sacred Duty of Dharma, the cosmic action and reaction principle of Karma, the Vedic concept of universal Order that is Rta, and the great journey all souls take through the perceptible universe as well as the Moksha, liberation, from this journey...all these are universal concepts in Hinduism, not limited to God or man. Gods and men alike must carry out their Dharma, and seek the liberation of Moksha. These are powers the Gods tap into, but do not own as a part of themselves. These are not rites that people perform but things they do merely by existing in the universe because the universe runs on these powers.

So, I hope that helped Smile Devotional Domains are one of my favourite powersets in HJ, so sorry if I droned on overlong about them Smile
Samudra pretty much rocked those answers. 
We want players to have the tools available to them to be any sort of modern god they want.  But the game wont have "this is the tech path" or "this is the bio-evolution science" path.  We're aiming for it to be more free form then that. Players more able to bend the powers they need to the type of stuff they want to do. 

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