Epic Music
Alright so what's your guys choices for epic music during a game?
Our group listens to a whole lot of stuff. Sometimes it's something scenic and appropriate to the setting but most of the time our GM just puts something he likes on. I guess he's not the type to use that tool much. 

Some other groups i know of have theme music for characters that the players put on when it's their time to shine. Always liked that idea. 
It's not exactly epic music, because I'm pretty bad at finding fitting music. Usually I put something in the background and i get so focused on GMing that I forget to change to different songs.

I do love to use http://tabletopaudio.com/ , even though it doesn't have as much stuff for modern games as I'd like, it can have some neat ambiance sounds, and it's completely free.

Otherwise, I found that the Secret World soundtrack works well for starting-level characters in a Scion game for instance.
I'll need to try that one out Marm

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