With some light digging, it seems that John & Anne moved to Miami, FL where Anne has started a new job after earning her Master's degree (good for her!). I'm still not sure what the "hole we're in" is specifically referring to, but here's hoping that digging out of it happens incredibly soon. There's a point at which people will absolutely demand their money back, and I wouldn't want to see that happen to John & Anne.

It would be comforting to at least see a small message from them on what's happened over the last year, especially whether or not they intend to ship anything. For now, I continue to wait.
I'm not quite to the point of demanding money back, but damn they own us at least a little communication, just a "Yes we're alive and no we haven't just taken you money and ran." would make everyone feel better. 
You say that, as i believe we all have for the last year. 

I think most have already been said, not really anything we can do but wait. 
Aaaannnnnnddddd........suddenly the spam has been banished!

This makes me hopeful and happy that things are improving. Smile

Happy July 4th to all in the States!
Hey, we did get an update!

Yeah we should probably still send some names to the forum manger. It looks like some people managed to sneak spam past while the cats where away (and by cats I mean John and Anne). Smile
Still much spam on this particular thread - they need an automated flyswatter program!

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