It's not so much that I got insight so much as it's just out of character for them? I would like to say that this is a guess, and it's a guess, but either John and Anne are dealing with some very heavy personal stuff, they have some legal issues as they are originally homebrewers from a different system, or their are problems with the team's dynamic. To be honest I think it's probably in that order too. But again what I'm saying is very easily read as salacious, so again, treat it as a hypothesis, a callous one at that as it's about their lives.

It's just not in their character when you keep in mind their previous blog's general level of personal imput to each post, so I hope they're all the best and I look forward to hearing something. 

What I don't think is gonna happen though is that John and Anne are taking the money and running though. 
Unfortunately, we've had the speculation about health problems, technical difficulties, legal woes, and pretty much everything else you can think of, and it's all just that; speculation. When Alex from the art team popped up before Christmas, he told us that all was well, and he hoped to have answers for us soon. He then proceeded to tell us that he was still working on layouts, that there was a project, but that he couldn't actually give us any information because that was "up to John and Anne". He then disappeared again. None of the other connected people has surfaced to communicate since the "monthly updates" stopped coming in the middle of last year. The truth of the matter is that we know absolutely nothing. The website is still up, but it's full of spam and parts don't work properly, so no-one is looking after it. The twitter feed had problems, and now seems to indicate that the playtest campaign has ended, but it hasn't really told us anything. The Kickstarter page hasn't changed in months; nor have the Twitter or Facebook pages. There is a report [see above] that Anne answered someone who questioned them directly through Kickstarter, but there has been no follow up, and no-one else has ever said that they got an answer back, so that's an anomaly as far as we can tell. There may be no deliberate intent to "take the money and run" [and I honestly don't think there ever was], but if we never get what we paid for, that's exactly what has happened, regardless of semantics. The thing that bothers most of those who have spoken up, is that they have stopped communicating with us completely. No updates, no essays on mythology, no "advance PDF" [which was their suggestion, BTW], nothing. Even the occasional "hey, we're still here", or one of Anne's posts on some aspect of Mythology, or a sign that the website was under repair or update - anything would be better than what we have now. And it's the silence that has led folks to presume that this whole project is vapourware, and pull their support. Honestly, if ANYONE who is connected to the play-test group, the HJ project, or any aspect of this at all, could touch base with the supporters who paid for the game, it would be a decent gesture of faith on their part. But sadly, I really don't expect that to happen.
Further to this - they may already have dug a hole that they can't get out of. If they do eventually finish the game and ship it out, then either they have to explain to everyone exactly why they disappeared in the first place, or they have to then quietly fold up shop and end their careers here, and do something else. Why? Because there is no way that the majority of people who supported them will just accept "let's just forget this all happened and move on to the next supplement for HJ, shall we?" The silence did 90% of the damage to this whole project. And with no support, why bother to write any further supplements? So it's dead on arrival, unless there's a really, really good reason for the lack of communication - and they've already shown us that they aren't big on explanations for anything that goes on. True, their personal lives aren't our business, but as investors in their publishing venture, we do at least have the right to expect that we are given a reason for the project delays, and the silence is the exact opposite of what should be happening. A few people have used Onyx Path's Exalted 3rd edition as an example of how even an experienced company can have things go wrong and delay a project for months - but OP didn't stop communicating to the Kickstarter backers and fans who paid for the game. They kept them in the loop about the delays and hiccups. It didn't make it right for everyone, but at least you felt that someone was on the other end of the line, and shared your frustration. For HJ, we have nothing. John said that they "really have a lot to think about" in his very last communication [buried in the 189 responses to the last video blog], but I'm not sure what that means. If I get my stuff, that's great. I hope it's a good game. But unless they can mend the fences with the supporters here, I don't think there will be anything more after the basic rulebook.
Well you are right about that last part. I just think it's out of character considering their behavior on their past projects. Well, we'll see what happens. I gotta be honest I only donated a bit, so the amount that I 'lost' isn't very much

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Still nothing.
True story :

Last night, I dreamed I had the Hero's Journey book in my hand and I was reading it to a player of mine.

Looks like it won't happen now.
It's kinda annoying given at various points this project was aalmost done, but they want to mamake it better.
I'm beginning to worry as well. 

Looking at the twitter account, the last few months has been nothing but their old Scion campaign as well, and nothing since that campaign ended. When we got updates from the playtest games at least we got a little bit of a reminder that they were still working on the project. 

If the reason that they aren't responding is that they're afraid people will be angry and shouty because of the long silence i'll have to call flawed logic. Nothing gets better with making us wait longer before giving word of the state of things.
Well take this with a grain of salt but in the last week I got a response to a question from either John or Anne on Facebook and they said that they were "Busy with other things at the moment" and that "When we're out of this hole were in we'll make a post outlining going forward."

So at this point it seems that the only thing to do is wait for them to make that post.
Hopefully, that's sooner than later. Also, posting so this thread won't be drowning in spam.
So many projects, so little time.

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